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Holding the Keys to Success for Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing allows us to increase relevant traffic to your website through paid search engine advertising with Google and with Bing Adcenter which displays ads on both the Bing and Yahoo search engines. These ads normally show up at the very top and down the right side of the search results. Ads can be targeted by geography, specific keyphrases, time of the day and days of the week if needed. Because we can be so specific in our targeting and because the setup time to launch is extremely fast, you can start increasing relevant visitors to your website usually within a couple of days.

Efficiency and Transparency are the Keys

We’ve rescued many businesses over the years from other PPC companies that guarantee top placement on Google but who aren’t delivering many visitors or leads. While their site may be #1, they are most likely paying way too much to be there which will use up their monthly budget too quickly…or they are paying for irrelevant keyphrases that no one searches for. Because of experiences like these, consumers are understandably wary of PPC marketing companies taking advantage of them.

For our PPC strategies, we focus on transparency and efficiency for all of our campaigns we create and manage. We work to make sure you are getting the most relevant clicks as possible for your monthly budget and we deliver monthly reports to you showing what phrases we’re bidding on, the cost per click, the click through rates, the number of impressions, your quality score and so many more statistics if needed. We will also create well written ads and ad extensions to maximize clicks and minimize dead leads and we process out negative keyphrases over time. Here are some of the services we perform:

  • Analysis of your Business Goals and Budget
  • Ad Creation
  • Landing Page Setup (with access to your website)
  • Ad Extension
  • Keyphrase Recommendations
  • Cost Per Click Adjustments
  • Monthly Reporting

PPC Marketing can be complicated but we’re more than happy to explain the process and detail how we can help your website generate more relevant visitors. Please contact us for more information.

“From the very beginning when I did not know much about websites, Webheads was easy and professional to work with. They explained and suggested in a clear and concise manner, they always worked diligently and kept to their word to what was going to be done. I would recommend them for anyone wanting to market their business in any industry. Thank you for sharing your talents!”

Susan Ochsner

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"Webheads owner Todd Holway has shown a thorough knowledge of his profession and a clear understanding of how our website can serve our mission to support the literacy needs of adults in the community. We are extremely grateful for the beautiful, user-friendly and comprehensive website that he generously created and donated. Thank you very much!”

Ingrid Baily
Literacy Volunteers of Greater Sanford, Maine
Executive Director